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Reiki, Skin Care, Hypnosis, Healing Arts, Yoga, and so much more. A place to balance and center yourself through relaxation, rewinding, and rejuvenation.

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To inspire, nurture, and educate clients, promoting Reiki, Skincare, and Wellness in all aspects of their lives, through mental and spiritual support and guidance.

Our Hours:

Thursday and Friday  10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Holistic services are available by appointment.


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Ancient Japanese energy healing technique helps the body's Chakras' (seven spinning energy centers of the body) to balance; loosening blocked energy and enabling emotional release of stress to promote your body's own natural healing.

Reiki Instruction is also available:

Level I: Self/Direct Healing

Level II: Distance Healing

Level III: Mastership Instructor Level


A holistic rejuvenating micro-facial uses the power of Reiki to help facilitate ones natural ability to heal, promoting healthier skin from within to reflect one's true beauty. In less time than a regular facial takes; one can increase cell renewal and improve tone with lymphatic stimulation. Additional treatments can be added to treat trouble areas and improve skin's elasticity. Learn more natural ways to take care of your skin. Skincare classes also available for children.


These services are currently unavailable at this time.  Please check back, as our goal is to provide these services in the near future. Massage/Reflexology with an  approved, experienced therapist can provide  holistic health treatments. These can serve to provide relaxation or stress relief, blood flow, help with posture, and/or resolve a multitude of ailments, from one-time to chronic pains.

Types available:

Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Shiatsu, Aromatherapy, Thai, Pregnancy, and Reflexology.


Ear Candling

Also known as Ear Coning, this ancient treatment method is used to clean ears in a natural non-evasive way using a wax-coated cylinder place against the ear opening to create a seal. The opposite end of the cylinder is lit, creating a vacuum that pushes warm smoke down into the ear canal. It can also be used to provide relief from itchiness and lessen Tinnitus and TMJ symptons.


Hypnosis is an enhanced state of relaxation. It is an incredible tool that can be used to unlock the mind's greatest abilities and potential to help you modify and stop negative behaviors. It can be used for Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, Stress Management, Anxiety, Phobias, Pain, as well as Goal Achievement.

Classes on Self-Hypnosis are also available

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-YOGA (Starts 23 Apr 18)

-Centering/Balancing Chakra Class 

-Nutrition/Cleansing Class

-Art Centering Classes

-Angel Card Readings

Informational Classes in a multitude of subjects to help you obtain your "center of balance"


We are scheduled to start YOGA" on 23 Apr, Mon and Wed, 930-1030am...so we are taking registrations now.


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